Learning starts right at early ages at Little Champs. In a fun-inviting environment the Kids inherit exceptional traits. Learning, being group fun at Little Champs is the perfect platform for your child to flourish. Little Champs pre-school offers structured curriculum backed by age-appropriate learning activities whilst grooming young achievers through gentle, innovative pre-school practices ensuring that learning is made an enjoyable and unique experience.

...with friendly faculty

At Little Champs, special attention is paid towards the teachers and minders who are brought on board. The faculty at Little Champs is at par with international standards, each on the them having received international standard training that enables them to understand children perfectly. After having qualified for the passion and care for children, the staff undegoes regular 'in-service trainging' and is kept up-to-date with latest trends in teaching and early childhood development.
...with unique teaching method

Learning at Little Champs has always been at its interactive best with the teachers and minders using fancy teachin methodologies like Learning Kits, English Relay, Math Master, Science Plus, Audio-Video CD's, Reading Cards, Story Cards, Flash Cards, Game Cards, Posters, Toys etc.. from time to time.
Little Champs provides safe and stimulating environment where children can begin to explore the world around them. We aim to provide Happy, Caring, Secure and Supportive environment for each child where everyone can feel wanted, valued and important while becoming increasingly appreciative and respectful of the thoughts and feelings of others. The children are supported in the formation of good relationships, positive attitudes, social behaviour and self displaying with special programmes like enchance Intellectual Skills (ELS) (viz., Meditation, Vedic Maths) and Physical Fitness activities like YOGA & SLOKAS.

Little Champs focuses on the overall development of a child. Each child is at the centre of everything we do. We provide a cosy atmosphere for every child. Our aim is to introduce children to fancy and dynamic field activities like Skating and other Indore Games. Through these activities we try to develop an excellent physical and mental correlation. Activities based learning is the ultimate concept and speciality of Little Champs.


They can add before they can count. They can understand jundred words before they can speak. And at 3 months, their powers of memory are far greater than we ever imagine.




At Little Champs, the ambience has been designed around a child's imagination. The emphasis is to work upon all the aspects like Innovative and Creative booklets, Empowerment in life skills like Communication Skills, Inculcating Values in children, language for life skills, social awareness etc..
    • Excellent Academics

    • Effective IIT and Medicine Foundation

    • Empowerment in Life Style

    • Career Foundation
      • IIT Foundation
      • Medicine Foundation
      • Young Scientist Contest (YSC) and other Competitive Exams

    • Maths Olympiad

    • National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)




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